Meet the    TRAINERS

We are dedicated, certified personal trainers who are passionate about helping members reach their fitness goals.   


Shanae discovered fitness at the age of 44 and became determined to demonstrate that age is nothing but a number.  Her main focus is accurate form and nutrition for longevity.

Fitness has been a way of life for Glenn from a very early age.  From playing basketball in high school, to becoming the Sixth Man on the USC college basketball team.   

Our love for health and wellness and community is demonstrated in our attention to the needs of our clients.  We strive to make movement and healthy living a way of life and to be an inspiration for people of all ages.


Shanae is awesome and the whole atmosphere is very supportive. She also modifies workouts and scales up as needed."


-- Sarah S.


"Thank you Coach Smith for your help and guidance in my journey to better health."

--Mariah G.